A glimpse of Purusha life in Uttar Kashi, Himalayas, with Martin Goetzmann
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Posted on August 19, 2018  

"In Transcendental Meditation I have profound experience of restful alertness, the co-existence of complete bodily relaxation, as if I was in deep sleep, along with the vigilance of the mind, as if I am absolutely free to do absolutely anything! During my TM-Sidhi program, appreciation of of the mechanics of thought and manifestation are more and more in clarity. And thus it brings me to a greater appreciation of the whole creation, if not the entire universe! In Yogic Flying, the impulses of hopping up have been becoming more and more natural, as if it is as it is, as well as the lightness of the body, if not the being - there is really nothing really that has to be done, life is just as it is, it is I-ness, Am-ness and Is-ness! If not the Totality!"
Man-yu Mo, from Hong Kong, China

Posted on August 18, 2018  

"In Seelisberg, Switzerland, summer 1981, Maharishi spoke about Purusha. He told us to join Purusha and gain Enlightenment much faster. So  me and my buddy came to Boppard in januar 1982. We started the Purusha programme there. People from many countries inEurope came there also and we did the  long beautiful Purusha programme every day. Developing pure consciousness into our daily life and created good health and at the same time created peace in the world. We stayed in Boppard for a while and then moved around in  Europe and went to holy places in Greece, Italy and Ukraina, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Doing our Purusha programme together in a group, creating harmony and world peace. We also instructed people  in Transcendental Meditation and yoga asanas in many of the places. We got more advanced techniques and had ayurvedic treatments like pancha karma and in India we got good rasayanas. So I felt very strong, I even sometimes sensed some powerful universal energy in my hands. Doing the Purusha programme, we come more in contact with the deepest value of our inner nature, which is Sat Chit Ananda. That is also pure bliss. Reading the Vedic books like Bhagavad Gita and Brahma Sutras, they speak more about that. The first thing Maharishi said when he came out was this: Life is bliss, life is joy and he was smiling with a flower in his hand. More people should come and join Purusha, single men. We have a good life, good health, good for you and everybody, yes, good for the whole world. Development of consciousness, refining our physical and mental values so we always have pure consciousness in daily life. The Purusha group is a good place to be in. Transcendental Consciousness TC becomes CC, Cosmic Consciousness. And we create the healing balsam for the world, the Maharishi Effect." Jai Guru Dev
Jakob, from Norway.

Posted on August 16, 2018  

"The awareness of the divine in everything I perceive constantly causes waves of joy that fill my life with perceptible happiness. The waves of grateful joy complement the quiet, inner self-sufficiency and give me 200% fulfillment; not always, but often enough."
"I got my first glimpses of unity consciouness when I realized that I no longer see any difference between big things and small things, between the important and the things on the edge, between my world and the world of the person opposite me. Only the wakeful present has remained, the eternal silence of unchanging wholeness, and the unmistakable certainty of recognizing what the law of nature wants to shape through me in this moment... the gentle silence of eternal wholeness; not always, but more and more often."
Claus, Purusha from Germany.

Posted on October 16, 2012  

"The Maharishi Purusha Program is the most profound and extraordinary experience of my life, because for the first time I have the real possibility to focus only on myself and my spiritual development. In Purusha's routine everything is designed to accomplish all your desires of happiness and serenity, and simultaneously to make a great contribution to the world's peace and harmony, and these are really the two best and most precious things you can do in your life. Therefore, if you are thinking to change your life, or to have a new and different experience, even for a short period, join the Maharishi Purusha Program as soon is possible."
Simone, young Italian Purusha.